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Most people live life at a frantic pace-rushing around in the morning, getting ready for work, dealing with rush hour traffic, working through lunch, racing home to find something, anything, they can call "dinner", and then try to catch up on all the personal responsibilities at night or on weekends. It’s exhausting!

Wellness On Wheels provides the most innovative approach to getting fit! We eliminate all the reasons most people don’t go to a health club:

We come to you!

      No travel time, dealing with the weather, or getting yourself psyched up to work out - we bring the health club to your door! And when we show up at the appointed time, we also provide focus and motivation, ensuring that the time spent exercising is safe and effective! Click here to see what our clients have to say!

Personalized Training!

      We develop a training program specifically for you. Your program will be designed to achieve your goals in a way that fits your schedule and lifestyle. Click here to Meet the Trainer!

No waiting for machines!

      It’s your own personal health club! There are no friends distracting you with chatter - this isn’t social time. This is time you’ve committed to making yourself more healthy and fit! We bring to your door the same equipment found in the best health clubs - all you have to provide is the desire to become more fit! Click here for a tour of our mobile health club!

Whether building strength,
burning fat or rehabilitation after an injury or surgery,
Wellness On Wheels will get you moving down the right road!

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