Benefits of Exercise

Wellness on Wheels began rolling into clients’ driveways 13 years ago, designed to meet the needs and lifestyles of people who wanted a fitness program, but who didn’t have the time - or the self-discipline - to go to a health club or work out at home - people like you!

With our expert supervision, you’ll reach your goals conveniently and in the comfort and privacy of our mobile gym, which contains the same equipment found in the best health clubs - only this health club comes right to your door!

Although endurance exercise improves cardiovascular fitness, it does not prevent the loss of muscle tissue. Only through resistance training do you maintain muscle mass and strength throughout your life. For more information about fitness and exercise, click here! That’s what our programs are all about!

We offer appointments from 6am to 6pm, Monday through Friday
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Howard Radin, CSCS, the founder of Wellness on Wheels, is a professionally certified personal trainer with over 17 years experience. In addition to holding a B.A. in Adult Fitness and Exercise Science, Howard is certified by these nationally recognized fitness organizations:
  • American College of Sports Medicine - Certified Health/Fitness Instructor
  • National Strength And Conditioning Association - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • American Council On Exercise - Certified Personal Trainer
  • International Council on Active Aging - member

We work with physicians, physical therapists and clinical dietitians to ensure that only the safest, most healthy programs are developed to meet your personal needs and goals.

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